Waterless Compost Toilet


Reduces water and soil pollution from sewers.


Saves more than 30000 gallons of water by user every year.


Suitable for male and female, at home or on the go.

Our Vision

CompoSeat has been designed for the purpose of minimizing water usage and pollution. It is assembled from first-hand components, limiting heavy machinery and energy consumption. The manufacturing process prioritizes human labor and creativity. As result, this toilet is an affordable, lighter and greener alternative to conventional toilets. We proudly, offer free shipping on continental USA for any item.

Compost toilet

265 USD

Mixer Stick

25 USD


39 USD

Compost Bags

19 USD (10 pc)

Compost Peat

15 USD (1 lb)

How does it work?

CompoSeat is a self-contained dry toilet which diverts the urine to a secondary container in order to capture the odors. A few ounces of vinegar sitting in the urine container, neutralizes the smell and can be easily disposed. Simultaneously the solid wastes drop in the main container where they are mixed with coconut peat. The blend naturally decomposes during several days, to turn into a fertilizing compound.

Shipping time estimation